100% Circular Fashion: Our Committment to a Better World

It's not just a trend. Circular fashion is a movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Enhance your slumber and reduce your carbon footprint by shopping the Cynthia Bailey Collection, a store under the only retailer to combine style and sustainability in a beautiful harmony. #SuttonBrands

What's So Special About our Eucalyptus Sheets

  • Eucalyptus Trees- the sheets are specially made from the fiber that comes from the Eucalyptus wood pulp.

  • Delicate Material- Eucalyptus sheets are great for sensitive skin and fine hair.

  • Pesticide Free- Unlike cotton sheets, eucalyptus sheets are made with no pesticides.

  • Natural Dirt Repellant- The silky texture of our sheets don't allow dirt, dust, or hair to collect.

  • Made with Care- Each sheet goes through a sustainable manufacturing process.

  • The Older the Better- Even after every wash, our eucalyptus sheets become softer, stronger, and silkier.

  • Designed Just for You- Designed to fit any mattress, the pockets are from 17 to 20 inches deep, which go perfect with the extra length flat sheets.

  • Cool Temperature- The breathable fabric contains moisture-wicking properties, giving you a cool and restful sleep!
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